Wedding Crashers


My beautiful sister-in-law just got married this weekend. It was an amazing wedding, and we had a great time thanks mostly to Kate and Ori’s incredible attention to detail. They took care of everything from little gift bags in our hotel rooms to arranging for cars to transport wedding party members to the wedding site. Over the course of such a weekend, one does tend to collect little mementos. I have a wedding program and a little book describing the Jewish ceremony; my daughters’ flower girl baskets and crowns (or what’s left of them); a pretty fancy yarmulke; and a nice collection of hotel soaps, shampoos, and chocolate.  My favorite memento of the weekend by far, however, has to be the glamour shots of the babysitters they hired for all the kids.


And check out the scheduling here (yes, you might also notice the address- swanky, huh? It’s nice to see how the other half live sometimes…):


What a gift?! I worried for weeks that there was going to be all kinds of trouble leaving the girls with a stranger. My mom even came up to NYC to lend a hand and was planning on skipping the wedding if she needed to step in to care for Penny and Addy. It couldn’t have gone any smoother though. Once I got my first text message from the amazing Hillary that “the girls just went to sleep. They’re adorable!”  I hit the dance floor and barely spared another thought for them until my second text later that night that read, “I just checked on the munchkins and they’re sleeping soundly.”

The next night I happily handed them over to Hillary again, this time going so far as to let her transport them back to the hotel from the black-tie wedding to get them fed, changed, and in bed all on her lonesome. Several hours of adult conversation (and libations) later, we checked in via text again. Hillary told us that while it took awhile for room service to deliver, the girls went down smoothly. It’s important to note here that at 17 months, Addy’s a bit of an ass kicker. She’s fast, she’s fierce, and she has opposable thumbs that she’s not afraid to use. I have no idea how the 22 year old Penn State graduate managed to haul both my daughters, their diaper bag, and a stroller from reception to car, to hotel, to room, but manage she did.

So parents, take note: the next time you get an invitation that doesn’t include your kids, don’t despair. Whatever the hassle of making arrangements might be, it’s totally worth it to hand your children over to a stranger and to boogie on down.


Note: Not suitable for black-tie affairs.

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